Uganda National Association of the Hard of Hearing (UNAHOH) was started by group of hard of hearing people who realized the antagonizing situations affecting the varsity of humanity since 2000
Our Background
UNAHOH is a community based Organization registered under the companies Act 1989. Under Certificate No. (LUB/445), and was also registered as a non- government at national level with the ministry of internal Affairs under Certificate No. S.5914/7935 as a recognized as Non - governmental organization in Uganda
Who we are
UNAHOH is to carry out its activities of offering training service to several disable people, offer hearing Aids to the Hard
of hearing people and to offer social service to its members:
§ Inclusive Education to children with disabilities
§ Basic business and financial skills training, Hand on skills for youth
§ Skills in Tailoring and Designing,
§ Carpentry Skills
§ Handcraft making
§ Video & photography skills
§ Saloon & Hair dressing skills
§ Start & manage your own business skills
§ Juice making skills
§ Communications and Sign language skills
Computer training and internet skills (ICT SKILLS
Our Activities

Causes of Hearing Loss in Children
Hearing loss is a common birth defect, about 1 to 3 out of every 1,000 babies in Uganda have hearing loss and this is a result of several factors. Parents are advised to take care and watch this.
Hearing loss can occur if a child:
· Was born prematurely,
· had high treatment, exceeding the expected measure
· was given medications that can lead to hearing loss,
· When there is a family history of childhood hearing loss,
· had complications at birth,
· had frequent ear infections; or got affected with diseases such as meningitis, cytomegalovirus, synaces
· Is exposed to very loud sounds or noises.
· Became unconscious; leading to hearing loss.